QI XL: “Jeopardy”

What I watched: QI XL : “Jeopardy” (original air date: November 10, 2012)

How I watched: YouTube

Snacks: Cookies and water

Synopsis: BBC panel series hosted by Stephen Fry who poses questions to which the right answer is not necessarily the best answer, but an exchange of “quite interesting” facts and tidbits is prized.

Why I watched: This is one of my preferred pre-bed shows to watch, YouTube recommended the specific episode.p01hzlrw

Notes: While I usually find Sue Perkins to be a predictable and annoying guest, she had nothing on Ross Noble’s unusual, lengthy and tedious anecdotes. Worst of all, several cuts to the other guests who are not laughing but looking at their hands and waiting for his story to end (here I refer specifically to his story about a narcoleptic horse).

Recommend: More interesting than “Keys” but evidence also that the magic of this show lie in the interesting-ness of it’s guests.


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