QI XL: “Middle Muddle”

What I watched: QI XL: “Middle Muddle” (original air date: December 12, 2015)

How I watched: YouTube

Snacks: None

qi_1307Synopsis: BBC panel series hosted by Stephen Fry who poses questions to which the right answer is not necessarily the best answer, but an exchange of “quite interesting” facts and tidbits is prized.

Why I watched: This is one of my preferred pre-bed shows to watch, YouTube recommended the specific episode.

Notes: For better or for worse Jimmy Carr never fails to make me laugh. This ensemble was pretty quick on their toes in response to each other, and while I’m aware that editing helps, their overall collaboration towards an episode of interest is appreciated.

Recommend: Not necessarily, I nodded off during this episode despite enjoying the parts I was awake for.


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