Arrested Development: “Double Crossers”

What I watched: Arrested Development: “Double Crossers” (original air date: May 26, 2013)

How I watched: Netflix

Snacks: Cookie

4x06_double_crossers_73Synopsis: The second episode of the fourth season to deal with George Sr, “Double Crossers” finds the family patriarch in a rough patch business-wise, looking to local politician Herbert Love (Terry Crews) for support.

Why I watched: Somehow I couldn’t listen to Donald Trump renew his campaign for the wall along the Mexican-US border without coming back to this episode which satirizes this very idea.

Notes: While George Sr’s arc isn’t my favourite in this season, the fact that a business man (a property developer, more specifically) is entering into politics for the sake of this wall is frighteningly familiar. Even though this episode takes place in the first half of the season, which I assumed was all set-up for the second half, like the rest of Arrested Development it relies heavily upon you having seen that which comes before it.

Recommend: Not necessarily, this episode is confusing if you haven’t seen the previous George Sr. episode in season 4. Recommend watching the pair of them!


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