Final US Presidential Debate 2016

What I watched: Final US Presidential Debate 2016

How I watched: YouTube Livestream

Snacks: None

Synopsis: Two presidential candidates debate on the same stage for the third and final time before the 2016 American presidential election. maxresdefault_live

Why I watched it: Having seen the first two, I feel the need to complete the series. I also like to see the debates for myself before hearing what everybody and their mum says about it in the days following.

Notes: I was a bit bored with how much repetition there was between this debate and the previous two. Both opponents harping on old matters (some of which were not policy-based) and getting nowhere. I think the scale will be tipped in favour of the one wearing white – Did anyone else roll their eyes when she walked out head to toe in white and he in black? Or was it just the film students? – because ultimately refusing to accept that outcome of the election was a silly thing to suggest. My biggest problem is that Trump seems to lack substantial policy-based specifics about where he wants to take the country, so much so that he makes Clinton look like a policy nerd.

Recommend: Yes. I think everyone should watch these debates before they get edited down into headlines, music videos, memes and comedy monologues.


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