Coronation Street: July 22, 2016

What I watched: Coronation Street: July 22, 2016

How I watched: Streamed

Breakfast: Sourdough bagel


Synopsis: David and Max start to put Kylie’s funeral together, Sally’s party is a hit, Jenny is stood up by Johnny and Leanne tells Steve she is pregnant with his child but doesn’t want the street to know that the child is his.

Why I watched: Trying to catch up but I am still months behind.

Notes: It surprises me in this day and age that Leanne thinks she could get away with keeping the identity of her baby’s father a secret for any amount of time, and given that she’s known about this child for awhile now, this is her master plan? The Nazir’s new conservatory is spiffy!

Recommend: Hmm, I’m not sure recommendations are applicable to this show.


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