Location, Location, Location: “South & East London”

What I watched: Location, Location, Location“South & East London” (original air date: September 20, 2016)

How I watched: Streamed

Breakfast: Pancakes


Synopsis: Phil and Kirstie aid first-time buyers in London.

Why I watched: While I was growing up, some TV channel we had would marathon this show on Sundays, so now I find once in awhile I really have a hankering for the show when Sunday rolls around.

Notes: It was interesting to me that they really rammed the “this is the first episode after Brexit” down our throats even though it made no immediate difference for these buyers and actually had no effect on the format of the show.

It was also funny that Kirstie’s couple, sisters, were very easy going and happy with everything she showed them, so Kirstie tried to make drama instead over “whether or not they’re really ready to purchase their first flat”. Which they obviously were, this is why they were so excited about everything they saw.

Recommend: If you are interested in British real estate, yes.


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