Midsomer Murders: “Down Among the Dead Men”

What I watched: Midsomer Murders: “Down Among the Dead Men” (original air date: March 12, 2006)

How I watched: Netflix

Snacks: Wine & Cheese party

deadmenpic5bSynopsis: DCI Barnaby and his young sergeant sidekick investigate murders that take place in the idyllic communities around Midsomer, England.

Why I watched: A weekly institution with my mother, one night each weekend we dine on good wine and cheese and jam and fruit, and we solve murders.

Notes: I was close to solving it this week! With the exception of last week when I was able to work the whole thing out, I am never able to figure these mysteries out before Barnaby.

This was one of those episodes where the writers must have though, “we’re out of possibilities for Midsomer for now, let’s just send the coppers to the coast this week,” where the line (and therefore jurisdiction) to Midsomer is tenuous, and much of the action takes place out-of-town.

Recommend: If you like murder mysteries or the charm of rural England, this show is great.


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