Rob & Chyna: “Rob’ing the Cradle”

What I watched: Rob & Chyna: “Rob’ing the Cradle” (original air date: September 18, 2016)

How I watched: Streamed

Snacks: Apple pie
160720_3071151_rob___ing_the_cradleSynopsis: Chyna is confused about Rob’s absence after he takes her order to leave her house seriously. Rob feels too insecure to join Chyna on a trip to Cannes and Chyna suffers some insecurities on said trip which help her to empathize. Rob surprises Chyna by buying and assembling a cradle.

Why I watched: Despite the fact that I had to turn the first episode off before reaching the end, after the recent episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians I let curiosity get the better of me.

Notes: Nothing happens on this show and its characters are highly unlikeable.

Recommend: Definitely not.


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