Who Do You Think You Are: “Frank Gardner”

What I watched: Who Do You Think You Are“Frank Gardner” (original air date: September 24, 2015)

How I watched: Streamed

Snacks: None


Synopsis: After the recent loss of his mother, journalist Frank Gardner decides to look into her family lineage. Along the way, he discovers celebrated Victorian academics, insanity, and tries to get to the bottom of the story his mom always told him of their ancestors coming to England with the Normans.

Why I watched: Running out of episodes I haven’t already watched.

Notes: This episode was marvelous! There was so much intriguing history in his family in the Victorian period, but they were able to trace his family back to discover that he was a direct descendent of King Edward I and therefore William the Conqueror himself! What a shock. Although watching this episode made me wonder how many descendants William the Conqueror must have. Hundreds, maybe thousands? I asked the internet but it wouldn’t give me a clear answer.

Recommend: If you are interested in history, yes.


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