What I watched: Apocalypse Now (1979)

How I watched it: library-rented DVD

Snacks: Custard

mpw-57520Synopsis: Following a captain on an assassination mission offers a cross-section of the war in Vietnam.

Why I watched: I’ve seen the opening sequence of this film a number of times in film school, but I have never seen the film in its entirety despite it being a household name. It’s on the list of films to watch before you die and so here we are.

Notes: Ughhh.

I watched this film with my dad who had also never seen it and I’m glad somebody at least endured it with me. I could not take the voiceover narration seriously and found it all way too poetic and self-indulgent.

One thing I liked was the way the film was shot, and the plumes of colourful smoke. But this was far outweighed by elements that I absolutely hated about the film. I believe the copy that I had was a sort of ‘director’s cut’ in which 45 minutes of additional film had been added to the theatrical release. I would have liked to see the original edit perhaps, because this version of the film I found incredibly tedious.

Recommend: No.


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