Midsomer Murders: “Four Funerals and a Wedding”

What I watched: Midsomer Murders: “Four Funerals and a Wedding” (original air date: September 24, 2006)

How I watched: Netflix

Snacks: Wine & Cheese party (Gamay & Fontina)
johnbrilltimandrew1Synopsis: DCI Barnaby and his young sergeant sidekick investigate murders that take place in the idyllic communities around Midsomer, England.

Why I watched: A weekly institution with my mother, one night each weekend we dine on good wine and cheese and jam and fruit, and we solve murders.

Notes: After two weeks of nearly figuring out the mystery before it was solved, this week I just couldn’t make heads or tails of the interpersonal relationships of the characters this week.

The plot involved a really twisted annual battle-of-the-sexes tradition that has actually pinned the men and women against each other in a more permanent, year-round dimension, has promoted the misogyny of the town reverend and ends in deaths on both sides before the marriage that hopes to put an end to the conflict.

The origins of this fictional conflict were the most interesting, however. It began when the town richie (lord of the manor house) rounded up the entire male population of the town (Broughton) to form a regiment (or whatever they’re called) for the first (or second?) World War. Unfortunately the entire team (or regiment, or whatever) is lost in the same battle, meaning the entire (I mean, not the old men or the boy children, probably not the sickies, and maybe a baker or two stayed back) of the town and so the women had to run the show independently. I don’t know how the male population crept back up again but the women completely rebelled against any form of patriarchy and this culminated in the annual festival wherein an elected man (elected on the basis of being the most misogynist) must ride a horse (whilst facing backwards) with a mask over his face (preventing him from seeing) and maybe his hands tied? And he has to ride around a short course like this while the town women (dressed historically) beat him with ladles. If he can manage to stay on the horse for the duration of the ride, the women will abort the tradition, if he cannot, than the ride will continue again next year. So weird.

Recommend: If you like murder mysteries or the charm of rural England, this show is great.


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