Stranger Things: “Chapter Four: The Body”

What I watched: Stranger Things: “Chapter Four: The Body” (original air date: July 15, 2016)

How I watched: Netflix

Lunch: Pizza

stranger-things-season-1-4-the-body-morgue-jonathan-joyce-winona-ryder-charlie-heaton-review-episode-guide-listSynopsis: Mike and the boys discover Eleven can hear Will by channeling a walkie-talkie. Joyce makes contact with Will through a wall in her house and in an effort to rescue him punches a hole through the wall with an ax. Nancy sees the monster that may have taken Barb in Jonathan’s photographs and Jonathan realizes that her description of the monster matches Joyce’s. Hooper discovers that the body in the morgue is a fake, and he begins to investigate how deep the cover up goes.

Why I watched: Catching up so I can watch the finale on Halloween.

Notes: I was duped into thinking that Will Byers did die in the quarry even though all the signs pointed to his still being alive. The scene in which Hooper discovers the body was a fake was therefore a biggie for me.

Recommend: Yes.


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