Gogglebox: S08E06

What I watched: Gogglebox: S08E06 (original air date: October 28, 2016)

How I watched: Streamed

Breakfast: Bagel with lox

1280x720-qjfSynopsis: British families and friends react to the week’s television while watching it in their own homes.

Why I watched: This is probably my favourite television series currently on the air and a new season is airing at the moment.

Notes: Sometimes a series comes on this show and I’m like “ooh I gotta see this show for myself before Gogglebox spoils the end,” this happened earlier this season with the show National Treasure but I never got around to watching it before Gogglebox did indeed spoil the end. In this episode the first part of The Young Pope was on and it was a show I had heard of and was looking forward to before I forgot all about it. But having seen what I saw on Gogglebox I no longer feel the need to check it out (100% because the attraction of Jude Law is ruined by his putting on an American accent).

On another note, it is fun to watch people who I have come to know through television, watch garbage television, so I don’t have to watch it but can still keep up with my contemporaries.

Recommend: It’s difficult to sell people on the concept of this show but YES.


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