QI: “Common Knowledge”

What I watched: QI: “Common Knowledge” (original air date: October 7, 2005)

How I watched: YouTube

Snacks: None
imagesSynopsis: BBC panel series hosted by Stephen Fry who poses questions to which the right answer is not necessarily the best answer, but an exchange of “quite interesting” facts and tidbits is prized.

Why I watched: This is one of my preferred pre-bed shows to watch, YouTube recommended the specific episode.

Notes: This is an older episode (indeed, before they started to air XL extended episodes) and yet I remember seeing it before. It was great to see Jimmy Carr and Sean Lock who I like in other shows, but this episode was memorable because of Rory McGrath. This is probably the only episode I recall Stephen Fry getting quite annoyed with a guest who is being a boring, showy know-it-all. Initially Fry praises McGrath’s extensive knowledge on the subjects at hand, but at a certain point McGrath does not pick up on any of the social cues of the other panelists (namely Lock and Davies) acting exaggeratedly bored and eventually Fry has to chastise him.

Fry is gracious but it still stand out in my episode. I don’t think McGrath was ever on the show again.

Recommend: Sure.


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