Stranger Things: “Chapter Six: The Monster”

What I watched: Stranger Things: “Chapter Six: The Monster” (original air date: July 15, 2016)

How I watched: Netflix

Snacks: None

tumblr_inline_ocjun2jd1m1rzl2ff_1280Synopsis: Things get complicated for Nancy and Jonathan when Steve sees them together in her bedroom following the monster attack. Joyce and Hopper investigate more about the history of the laboratory. El saves Mike’s life and the group reunite with Lucas.

Why I watched: Catching up before finishing the series on Halloween.

Notes: So far this has felt like the most “in-between” episode, an episode where not a lot of action takes place, and only minor narrative development. I did a 180 on the character of Steve in this episode, I was so pleased that he was so worried about Nancy that he sought her out, even though she was distancing herself from him more and more and he was trying to give her space. But his response to seeing her with Jonathan was unacceptable. And his friends are utter douchebags. I had hopes for him!

Recommend: Yes.


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