QI: “Drinks”

What I watched: QI: “Drinks” (original air date: October 27, 2006)

How I watched: YouTube

Snacks: Cookies

qi_sr04_ep06_splashSynopsis: BBC panel series hosted by Stephen Fry who poses questions to which the right answer is not necessarily the best answer, but an exchange of “quite interesting” facts and tidbits is prized.

Why I watched: I was woken up a bit too early by my dog and sneaked in this episode before catching a few more much-needed winks, YouTube recommended the specific episode.

Notes: This was an older episode and much of it remains locked in the sleepy early-morning state. There was a few interesting tidbits about the history of absinthe though, which was banned everywhere but in Britain! In Britain it was never popular enough to ban it.

Recommend: Sure.


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