Gogglebox Ireland: S01E04

What I watched: Gogglebox Ireland: S01E04 (original air date: October 13, 2016)

How I watched: Streamed

Snacks: Chipotle slaw
000ce5d5-614Synopsis: Irish families and friends react to the week’s television while watching it in their own homes.

Why I watched: I had no idea that my favourite show had an Irish spinoff, and it’s currently wrapping its first series! I unfortunately could not track down the first three episodes, so I plunged straight into episode four.

Notes: This Gogglebox spinoff is quite a bit less slick than it’s British counterpart. Like in the Australian version (which I like equal to the British) the Irish viewers watch media from a range of sources, Irish, British, European and American. I thought that the fact that in this episode viewers watched an Irish-set Hollywood film (Angela’s Ashes) was a bit contrived. I think I recall the Australian version doing this too in it’s first season, where they watched Crocodile Dundee.

I’m not sure if I’ll delve into more episodes of this series, it was a bit shabby, but we’ll see, when this season of Gogglebox UK ends I might get desperate for this meta format.

Recommend: No.


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