Keeping up with the Kardashians: “Khloe’s New Breast Friends”

What I watched: Keeping up with the Kardashians: “Khloe’s New Breast Friends” (original air date: October 23, 2016)

How I watched: Streamed

Snacks: Apple-blueberry crumble

33301d0c00000578-3540777-image-a-93_1460670633469Synopsis: Khloe seriously considers breast implants, Kim offends Kris by helping Caitlyn get ready for the ESPYs and Scott tries to find more productive uses for his time while Kourtney and the kids are on a holiday without him.

Why I watched: Catching up on the latest season.

Notes: Not that any episode of this show is a shining example of good television, but this season has been juxtaposed against the first (and hopefully last) season of Rob & Chyna and has therefore felt comparatively sophisticated, progressive, and chill.

This episode was the opposite of all of that. Khloe’s storyline was the opposite of sophisticated. She was very frank that in LA the topic of breast implants perhaps does not carry the same weight that it would in other parts of the world, but debuting her new temporary lift options to her brother-in-law (basically) Scott was more inappropriate than even was able to swallow.

The return of mostly-absent Caitlyn always means there will be a drama spike in the usually-mellow Kris, a reminder to us all that the girls didn’t get it from a stranger. This episode made me wonder about what image of these women the show is trying to get across (the projected image seems to shift and change all the time, rather than stay on one course). Back when Caitlyn’s VF issue became public, the Kardashian sisters were outraged at the portrayal of their mum as being “a Beverly Hills shopper,” among other things, and this drama continued for weeks. When Kim offends her mama by cozying up to Caitlyn again, how does Kim try to win her back? Lunch and shopping in Beverly Hills! Um?

Are we meant to forget the finer details of what has lead to this giant rift between the two Jenners? Or do the editors of this show want us to see this irony? Or am I, yet again, reading way too much into a show which doesn’t expect too much thinking from its hordes of viewers? Maybe I’ll never know.

Recommend: Haha, NOPE. Guilty pleasure only.


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