What I watched: A Night at the Opera (1935)

How I watched it: library-rented DVD

Snacks: Tea

night_at_the_opera_xlgSynopsis: The trio con their way onto a steamship to New York, making friends with a couple of opera singers on the way.

Why I watched: This is another film from the 1001 films list that I knew nothing about prior. I have rented it before but never felt like watching it. Not being a big fan of the only other Marx Bros film I’ve seen, Duck SoupI can’t say I felt like watching it all that much this time either.

Notes: The comedy of the Marx Bros. must just not do it for me, I found this movie tedious and a bit dull.

One bright point, I really liked the song “Alone” which was refrained several times throughout the film by the two star-crossed opera singers destined for New York.

Besides that, I found this film forgettable and am at a loss (besides the fact that evidence suggests the film was a big hit) as to why it is on the list of films to see before you die.

Recommend: No.


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