Midsomer Murders: “Country Matters”

What I watched: Midsomer Murders: “Country Matters” (original air date: September 10, 2006)

How I watched: Netflix

Snacks: Wine & Cheese party
midsomermurders_sr09_ep06_splashSynopsis: DCI Barnaby and his young sergeant sidekick investigate murders that take place in the idyllic communities around Midsomer, England.

Why I watched: A weekly institution with my mother, one night each weekend we dine on good wine and cheese and jam and fruit, and we solve murders.

Notes: This was a fun episode, despite the fact that I didn’t quite pull the story together on time. The snotty children, their motives and possible involvement were a real distraction for me. Turned out they were a lot more innocent than they lead on.

Recommend: If you like murder mysteries or the charm of rural England, this show is great.


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