Gogglebox: S08E07

What I watched: Gogglebox: S08E07 (original air date: November 4, 2016)

How I watched: Streamed

Snacks: None
2fe523Synopsis: British families and friends react to the week’s television while watching it in their own homes.

Why I watched: This is probably my favourite television series currently on the air and a new season is airing at the moment.

Notes: One of the shows they watched this week was a special called “Buble at the BBC” or something similar and I would really like to watch it but I can’t find it. It’s so funny to me how much more popular Michael Buble is in the UK than he is here in Canada, but then I’m reminded that it was actually a British family who told me about Buble in the first place and bought me his first CD. I like Buble, but I find his songs get overplayed here sometimes. Anyway, this episode aired before the news that Buble’s toddler son had recently been diagnosed with cancer so it was a bit poignant to see him in top form in “Buble at the BBC.”

This episode also confirmed that watching people watch horror movies is one of the most entertaining things ever. I think I laughed so hard I cried when they groups of people were watching Nightmare on Elm Street (which I only saw for the first time myself last Halloween).

Recommend: It’s difficult to sell people on the concept of this show but YES.


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