Vicious: “Sister”

What I watched: Vicious: “Sister” (original air date: June 1, 2015)

How I watched: Streamed

Snacks: None

vicious-sisterSynopsis: Violet’s snobby sister has announced a visit and in an effort to make herself seem better-off, Violet convinces Stuart and Freddie to pose as her wealthy husband and butler, respectively.

Why I watched: I watched the first series of this show when it aired in 2013, I had no idea that it had a second series, so I’m belatedly catching it up.

Notes: This show was as silly and outlandish as I remembered it, but it seems now that it is in it’s second season that is more allowed. Still it seems like a sitcom from another period in time, like the 60s or 70s, it has a very stage-y feel and the performances are over-the-top.

I came for and stay for the performances of Sir Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi of course.

Recommend: No.


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