Keeping up with the Kardashians: “Lord of the Cougars”

What I watched: Keeping up with the Kardashians: “Lord of the Cougars” (original air date: November 6, 2016)

How I watched: Streamed

Snacks: None
161026_3415978_lord_of_the_cougars_anvver_1_1100x620_805865539514Synopsis: Scott feels superficially self-conscious as he begins to spend more and more time with Kris and her friends during Kourtney’s absence. Kim and Kendall seek help with their respective anxiety issues.

Why I watched: Catching up on the latest season.

Notes: First of all, the scenes where Scott is hanging out with Kris and her friends were dull, dull, dull. So forced, stiff and unentertaining.

Next, it seems like they were reaching for some kind of storyline to connect Kim and Kendall, by contriving a driving anxiety for Kim so that she and Kendall could share a problem. I have no doubt that Kendall does suffer from some kind of anxiety due to living on an airplane, her life in general seems dizzying to me. Her reluctance to seek help for this on-air I also buy. I do not buy Kim’s driving anxiety (because this is the first we have heard of it and also because in all the clips of Kim driving she seems as relaxed as ever) and I do not buy the “therapist” enlisted to help them out. Furthermore it seemed like Kendall’s enjoyment of the second mode of therapy (meditation) was more of a “let’s get this over with,” than a real step forward towards help. I don’t know, it was all boring and none of it was compelling.

Recommend: Haha, NOPE. Guilty pleasure only.


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