QI: “England”

What I watched: QI: “England” (original air date: November 16, 2007)

How I watched: YouTube

Snacks: white chocolate toffee crackle

bbtdcSynopsis: BBC panel series hosted by Stephen Fry who poses questions to which the right answer is not necessarily the best answer, but an exchange of “quite interesting” facts and tidbits is prized.

Why I watched: This is one of my preferred pre-bed shows to watch, YouTube recommended the specific episode.

Notes: Given the title, I had higher hopes for this episode. But perhaps the combination of Sean Lock (who seems to oppose everything this show stands for) and Charlie Higson (who I don’t really know and who does nothing for me) this episode was a bit blah.

Also I’m not entirely sure I spotted the connection between Jumbo the Elephant and England (except his having resided there for part of his life), sometimes it seems the topics of discussion have little to do with the episode topic. I don’t really have a problem with that, it’s just that the only topic that was memorable in this episode (to me) was Jumbo, and I would not associate that with “England”.

Recommend: Meh.



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