What I watched: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016)

How I watched it: 3D in cinema

Snacks: Popcorn & root beer

fantastic_beasts_and_where_to_find_them_ver4_xxlgSynopsis: Seventy years before Harry Potter enters Hogwarts, English wizard Newt Scamander stumbles around the secret world of New York’s magical community chasing after a suitcase of animals he has unwittingly set loose in the volatile city.

Why I watched: I’m a pretty big fan of the Harry Potter movies and I also love period films, so this was a no-brainer for me. Plus, my friend found a theatre in a city 40 minutes away that had leather reclining seats and we really wanted to check that out.

Notes: Eddie Redmayne was so bizarre in this movie, but then I think he’s a bit bizarre in general. Not being familiar with the book this film is based on, it might be the character himself who is bizarre. In any event, I like Redmayne well enough, he’s not one of my favourites but I thought he was a dear in this role. His male sidekick was also fun, the two were definitely channeling Harry and Ron though I think.

The female characters I was less in love with, the female lead bored me, her sister was a bit more interesting but was such an exaggerated character I remained detached.

Again I blame my own ignorance having not read this book or many of the Harry Potter books, but the entire Grindelwalde storyline went over my head and stayed there, and I think an understanding of his significance was more or less vital to the impact of this film’s ending. Ah well.

To be perfectly honest the real treat was the movie theatre, I was so distracted by how fun and cozy and comfortable the reclining seats were, I think I could have been watching anything and enjoyed it all the same.

Recommend: Sure.


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