ARRIVAL (2016)

What I watched: Arrival (2016)

How I watched it: Cinema

Snacks: Popcorn & Fanta
posterfix-449x700Synopsis: The US military recruits a university linguist specialist to try an communicate with extraterrestrials who have arrived for no apparent reason.

Why I watched: I had wanted to see this film when it played at TIFF but couldn’t fit it into my roster, was surprised and glad to see that it came to my local theatre.

I didn’t know what to expect from this movie going in, my friend and I thought it looked like it might be something like Independence Day but a bit more mysterious.

Notes: I would say that the comparison with the original Independence Day was apt, but in combination with more contemporary films like InterstellarInception and definitely Villeneuve’s Enemy.

This movie features a lot of flashbacks, so much so that at a certain point I thought, “this is silly and redundant,” but then near the end of the film there is a giant ‘a-ha’ moment, one of the biggest I have ever experienced in a film. This ‘a-ha’ moment completely justifies the flashbacks that were initially so repetitive and bland.

I have my own ideas about how this movie should have ended (or rather, at which point it should have ended) but even with the film’s ending intact the shock and surprise which I was met with in this film left me feeling refreshed and delighted. It can be very pleasing to be taken on a completely different cinematic journey to the one you had envisioned.

Recommend: Yes!


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