What I watched: Through a Glass Darkly (1961)

How I watched it: library-rented DVD

Snacks: Chocolate cake & tea

tumblr_m00hbwypgz1r6ivyno1_1280Synopsis: Recently released from a mental care facility, Karin joins her boyfriend, father and younger brother at their summer home to reconnect and relax. But she soon finds herself troubled again.

Why I watched: I have found myself recently watching a bunch of movies off the 1001-movies-to-see-before-you-die list that I had never heard of or know nothing about but have found in my local library. This time I had nothing to go by but the director and the movie cover (which was this one, incidentally).

Notes: While I find it fun to go into a movie knowing as little as possible about it, in the case of this movie, knowing beforehand that the illness Karin suffered from was schizophrenia the entire movie would have made much more sense to me. As it was, I figured that opaque references to her illness (which is never named in the English translation that I watched) were in terms of a deep depression. So when Karin begins to see figures and go on religious tangents I was left behind as the movie went forward.

As a result it felt like a chore for me to sit through, but I wonder if watching it again, knowing that Karin has schizophrenia would be worthwhile.

Recommend: Not really.


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