I LOVE YOU, MAN (2009)

What I watched: I Love You, Man (2009)

How I watched it: TV

Snacks: White wine

i_love_you_manSynopsis: Much to the bemusement of his fiancee, Peter (Paul Rudd) falls head-over-heels in friendship with new bud Sydney (Jason Segel) while on a quest to find a best man for his upcoming wedding to Zooey (Rashida Jones). But when Peter starts putting Sydney before Zooey the wedding gets put on hold until everything can be patched up again.

Why I watched: I was at a friend’s house and the TV was on and I mentioned I hadn’t seen this, so, for the first time in years I watched a movie on TV.

Notes: There’s not much to say about this movie. It replaces the typical romantic-comedy format with that of a bromance which is funny and at the time of this movie wasn’t quite stale yet. It was fun, but at this point I feel like there’s been a supersaturation of bro-comedies and while I like Rudd and Segel, I’m a bit sick of them.

Recommend: No.


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